16587641385_c2782eb4cb_bHello, I’m Ryan Habelitz, and thank you for visiting my site.

I am a photographer and filmmaker from Long Beach, California. For the better part of my creative life, I have always been fascinated by the allure of a camera. Since then, I have had an incessant need to capture the beautiful ordinariness of life as it reveals itself to me.

As a photographer, my style is subtle as I seek out the organic geometry of everyday life. I often prescribe a soft focus to maintain the natural elements of the image. Each photograph tells a story among its internal lines and angles, forging an unconscious timestamp within my artful repertoire.

As a filmmaker, I often collaborate with my creative partner, Andrew Paul, for our joint production company, Silent Observer. We create short films, music videos, fashion films, and other visual art both for ourselves and for clients. Our narrative techniques continually evolve from slow-burning mumblecore to avant-garde visual art.